We have a very clear ideas on our team combinations – Sridharan Sriram

We have a very clear ideas on our team combinations - Sridharan Sriram

Bangladesh has been experimenting with opening pairs ever since Tamim Iqbal retired from international T20 cricket, and they used as many four different combinations in the tri-series against New Zealand.

They started out using make shift opener Mehedy Hasan for their first game against Pakistan before opting to go with regular pairings of Sabbir Rahman and Nazmul Hossain later on during that tournament’s proceedings; however, it wasn’t until after these two fixtures were completed when Bangladesh finally settled upon its best possible combination – pairing MS Dhoni’s favourite player aka “Theunucanonman

In the next against New Zealand, Bangladesh opted for a change in their opening pair. Liton Das replaced him at number three while filling out all spots from four onwards with Nazmul and Soumya Sarkar playing together again as they have done throughout this tournament so far: he got his half-century there too! But then came Pakistan – another tough challenge waiting around every corner if you’re looking to test things out. In that match versus the Green giants though (and also earlier during these current series), technical consultant Sridharan Sriram insists that everything’s clear between himself/the captain & core think tank; no experimenting required!”

“I think we have two-three combinations in mind and given the conditions we face on day, might modify accordingly.” He said. You look at it as experiments but i consider each combination differently to find out how my players respond when put into certain situations or fields where they are not used too often by me before,” he continued. “The important thing about this format is that every team gets chance so there can’t really be any beforehand plan because things always change game wise depending upon what happens first!”

Sriram said the team needed to learn from their mistakes and come up bigger when it mattered most. “We had two opportunities against Pakistan; one where we needed 10 runs in ten balls (in order) scoring 100 for victory) and then defending them at all costs-which is what happened,” he explained, speaking about how they managed only 8 boundaries throughout this match despite being set an impossible task due largely because some players didn’t execute well enough while others missed chances early on during each game!” If you want win consistently.

“Sarkar did well in the two matches,” said Sriram. “He tried to get going during our early stages of play when we were only scoring between 6-7 runs per over, but he got out unfortunately.” The captain went on say how impressed they are with what Soumya has done so far this tournament – playing shots and making 23 not OUT 4 which shows his intent as well selflessness towards team victory by trying hard right off ball one while setting a good example for other players who need more confidence after underperforming recently or being injured before starting strongly