Your Ultimate Guide to Cricket Betting in Bangladesh

Your Ultimate Guide to Cricket Betting in Bangladesh

With more than 2.5 billion players worldwide, cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, second only to soccer. Both seasoned and novice sports fans and bettors should be aware of how to wager on a cricket game given the abundance of opportunities.

In this article, we go through the different types of cricket betting, the specific bets one may make, how to read betting odds, and winning cricket betting methods.

Betting on cricket matches

Like any other major sport, reading normal cricket match odds is a similar process. The most common way to gamble on cricket is with a moneyline bet, or just predicting the winner of the match. The following would be the moneyline odds for a cricket game:

Australia – 200
South Africa + 170

The odds above are in American odds, with the favorite denoted by a minus sign (-) and the underdog by a plus sign (+). In the aforementioned example, if a $100 wager were placed on South Africa, the +170 underdog, and they were to win, the bettor would win both his $100 wager plus an additional $170. If someone placed a $100 wager on Australia, the -200 favorite, and won, they would make a profit of $50 (recouping their $100 wager plus an additional $50).

How to Win at Cricket Betting

Like betting on other sports, cricket betting success boils down to understanding the fundamentals: how to bet on a cricket match. Knowing the sport, the players, and the competition formats is essential, but it will be much more difficult for you to properly bet on cricket and win if you are unfamiliar with the accessible online sports betting options.

Match winner

As mentioned above, the most common wager in cricket, like in any other major sport, is a moneyline wager on the match winner.
A common soccer betting strategy called “double chance” cricket bets allows people to place wagers on teams to win or draw.
Betting on the match winner is a simple method to up the stakes on a game and increase your chances of winning for new gamblers or casual cricket fans.

Cricket Live Betting

Many sportsbooks also provide live betting, which lets customer’s place bets on many of the aforementioned types while a game is in progress. Along with constantly shifting odds for traditional formats, live in-play cricket betting can offer special formats like the outcome of the next ball or the next over as well as options for those looking for novel ways to wager on cricket.

Coin Toss

The initial coin toss of a cricket match is eligible for wagering, and some bookies accept bets on whether the coin will land heads or tails.


Cricket is a challenging game that can be difficult to learn. Even the full cricket match can take a lot of time. Theoretically, reading an article like this could teach you cricket for nothing. To learn more about betting on cricket and how to do it while watching your favorite sport, keep exploring this website.